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Recognized in England as Charity. Registration Number 1070986

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Mission Statement

The Centre for Libyan Studies is an independent nonprofit research institution registered and located in Oxford, United Kingdom. The Centre seeks to gather, pool, sift, analyze and document all information pertinent to Libya and make it accessible to academic and research organizations as well as regional and international specialists regardless of their political persuasions or interests. It is of the essence of the Centre's mission to uphold and maintain the principles of truth, objectivity, openness and academic excellence. In the pursuit of its goals, the centre which enlists the support and expertise of the finest Libyan minds, will build an international database and resource library drawing its material by means of academic enquiry, fact-finding assignments, and the acquisition of original documents, historical, political and social records and testimonies.

Historical Distortion

Libyan history has suffered from neglect as well as from diligent efforts of distortion and falsification. The centre is committed to rectify this sorry picture: it will undertake the necessary research work to fill gaps in factual information, to expose fallacies, whether accidental of intentional, and to ensure the veracity of historical events and details. With the help of the best sources and methods that modern scholarship can offer, the centre commits itself to disentangle truth from falsehood and present as an accurate picture of Libyan history, culture and traditions, free from political whims and ideological bias.

There is a pressing need to have the history of the previous generation on record. Statesmen who have participated in founding modern Libya and in its development as a nation state should be encouraged to chronicle the history of that vital period (1949-1969). Their political lives and contributions to that era must be studied and objectively weighed and assessed. The entire political history of the country must be surveyed and scholarly presented; its past must be freshly seen and objectively reassessed.

The Center's mission is guided by the conviction that truth based on knowledge is necessary for progress. To move forward, the country must have a true picture of how it has reached that current stage of its history. A nation that does not know its past is bereft from the most valuable means to understand its present and plan its future.

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